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Roff Mk3 Maize Grinding Mill

Roff Milling - Maize Mills

Roff supply turn-key compact maize milling machines and systems, grain milling and stock feed equipment, grain crushers, hammer mills, stainless steel wire mesh and Jacob modular ducting and spouting.

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Roff Milling - R-70 10 Ton/hour Maize Mill - YouTube

2017.5.13  2.83K subscribers 26K views 5 years ago The Roff R70 is a compact mill that can produce 50 to 100 tons of maize meal per day. It was developed for the entrepreneur who is looking to enter the...

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Meet the new compact Roff R-40 Maize Mill - YouTube

2022.1.27  Roff brings you the new R-40 maize mill, boasting the same best-in-class extraction rates delivered by the R-70 and C-80 mills. Visit

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Roff Milling - R-70 2 Ton per hour Maize Mill - YouTube

2017.4.25  0:00 / 2:02 Roff Milling - R-70 2 Ton per hour Maize Mill Roff Milling 3.05K subscribers Subscribe 114 21K views 6 years ago Are you ready to add value to your

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R-70 Maize Mill 4 to 5 Ton per Hour

The Roff R-70 Maize Mill CAPACITY: 4 - 5 tons/hour or 100 - 120 tons per day EXTRACTION RATES: 70 to 74% - Super / Grade 1 Maize Meal 82 to 85% - Special / Grade 2 Maize Meal The R-70 maize mill, achieving

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Maize Milling

Roff has designed a range of high performing maize milling plants ranging in size and capacity for the miller looking to compete on a commercial scale, and meet the demands of the market. Take a look at our

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R-40 Maize Mill - 2 to 3 Ton per Hour Maize Meal Samp Grits

The R-40 Samp Mill is configured to achieve a high percentage of samp output while milling the remaining out-of-spec product into maize meal. Additionally, upon request, we can

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Roff C-80 5 to 15 ton/hour Compact Maize Mill - YouTube

2019.1.21  The C-80 Maize Mill: 1. Compact - 20m x 10m x 10m (l x w x h) 2. Produce two products at once 3. Automation and Real-Time Performance Data: - PLC Control - HMI (Human

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Roff Milling - YouTube

That is why ROFF manufactures high quality and affordable maize milling plants and mills for the food and stock feed industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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